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    V2Works Launches Brand Book

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    Strategic Re-Branding Project

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    V2Works Perks & Culture

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    Constructing a New Rally Culture

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    Targeting a Strong Brand Story

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    Competitive International Brand Launch

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    Market Expansion with Brand Shift

V2Works specializes in Brandgineering by Design, their proven brand development process, that integrates innovative design & targeted strategy to achieve Brand Victory.

V2Works has honed the power of design to create smart and focused brands using our own Brandgineering by Design process — the result of over 22 years of accumulative branding research, analysis and implementation, in which we have captured our deepest, most meaningful brand experiences, and simplified them into a simple step-by-step process that positions new or existing brand platforms to achieve Brand Victory. We are visionaries who listen to our clients, engage in creative solutions, and build brands that get attention. As industry leaders, we have the endurance to push past boundaries to establish long-term, valuable marketing solutions based on hard work and measurable results.

Powerful design is the creative execution of compelling concepts. Innovative delivery, supported by engineered design, can expose the soul of a brand, making it more than just a symbol. — TROY TURNER, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, PRINCIPAL