Monthly Archive: January 2013

Enamel wares

My Thrift Shopping Obsessions (2 of 3)


Vintage Enamelware Another item that I’m mildly obsessed with is enamelware—this is metal (steel, cast iron, or aluminum) that’s covered with brilliantly colored enamel. Cathrineholm is specifically highly collectible and beautiful (as seen on the teapot and bowl). Dansk also made a line of enamel cooking ware from the 1950s to 1970s that has very [...]

Teak wares

My Thrift Shopping Obsessions (1 of 3)


Vintage Teak Those that know me know I’m obsessed with thrifting and its ilk—estate sales, garage sales, scouring craigslist for a screaming deal on that certain piece—these are all things I love to do.  But thrift stores are where I go most frequently since they are stationary constants. My love of thrift stores started as [...]

ghost clock

New Year, New Projects


Every year for the past few years, I’ve tackled new projects come the new year. I guess you could call them resolutions, but I don’t really care for the word resolution, because to me it sounds like a chore, whereas a project sounds like something fun and interesting to do. This year my project is [...]