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LinkedIn Post Best Practices



Are you getting the most out of your posts on LinkedIn? Follow these handy tips to make sure your posts are following LinkedIn best practices.

Increase Content Engagement

Sharing valuable content with people who want to see it is the biggest hurdle with social media. Use “Targeted Audience” when posting. This makes sure that only people who are interested in what you are posting, see it. When you are creating a post, you can target the audience and it will tell you how many people you are going to reach before you press post. If the reach is not that great, remove the targeted filter.

Reach More People Globally

Create page admins in various countries so they can post and share relevant content to their region. Display your page’s name and description in different languages.

Tips & Tricks for Successful Posts

What to learn more? Download LinkedIn’s pages playbook for tips on streamlining your LinkedIn pages and posts.

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