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Which Content Offer Formats Generate the Most Leads?


Use High-Value Offer Formats Not all offers are created equal. Some “formats” of offers perform better than others at converting leads. You need to ask yourself, “As a client, what’s more valuable, a whitepaper or an ebook?” Below are the types of offer formats that (in our experience) generate the most leads in order of performance, [...]

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Using Social Media to Drive Traffic for B2B


Let’s face it, B2B (business-to-business) companies can seem boring. At least that’s the perception, especially in the social media world. In today’s social media-saturated setting, B2B companies have shied away from social media, afraid of being too boring and not knowing how to use it effectively for their sector. To find an un-boring angle, B2Bs [...]


V2Works Teams with Guggenheim Aviation Partners to Launch New Brand


Guggenheim Aviation Partners (GAP), an aircraft investment and management business belonging to Guggenheim Partners, LLC, recently purchased the commercial aviation division to operate as a separate entity. During its tenure as a Guggenheim joint venture, GAP successfully managed two funds for Guggenheim’s clients, completing over $8 billion in commercial aircraft lease transactions — with 40 [...]

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DirtFish Brand Revamp


DirtFish is a rally school, located in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range, that is dedicated to teaching the exciting sport of Rally to anyone who shares an interest. Although they started small and with a passion and desire for everything rally, their format quickly gained wide recognition, evolving them to be the most [...]

V2Works Case Study DirtFish Website Launch

V2Works Launches New Website for DirtFish Rally School


V2Works is pleased to announce the release of a new website for DirtFish Rally School, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, and updated with the latest information about their rally racing services and facilities. DirtFish Rally School is located on 315+ acres, set at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains,  in Snoqualmie, [...]

Designy Dog Names

Designy Dog Names


A fellow graphic designer sent this to me. What fun names, almost makes me want to get a new dog. She recently got a new puppy, and named her Pixel.


Documenting design


The CSA Flat File is an ongoing log of current projects from the unbelievably extensive CSA Images archive. When the universe of design inspiration feels like it’s expanding at an exhausting rate, sometimes it’s nice to rest your eyes on an oasis of flat color and ink on paper. [Images via CSA Flat File]

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Music to Design By


Need fresh music to design or code by? Try one of my favorites, Ghostly International. It’s a great mixture of experimental avant-pop, electronic and ambient, with a selection of nifty abstract and geometric art prints as well. With the music, you can try before you buy with their handy app Ghostly Discovery, available on iOS [...]

Examples of Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Design Favorites


I’m a little bit obsessive about design; besides graphic design, I have a special affinity for what are, in my opinion, well designed furniture and housewares. Any object I bring into my life has to be both beautiful and functional; stylish but unfussy. I can obsess over the smallest details, like the shape and depth [...]

My top 5 favorite InDesign features


I work with InDesign every day. It is, without a doubt, my favorite program. Having worked with it since InDesign 2.0, I’ve learned quite a few ins and outs with the program. While there is always more to learn, here are my top 5 favorite InDesign features. The double click. If you double-click on an anchor [...]