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Great Game Sunday!


While attending the Seattle Seahawks pre game activities, Troy and Kathleen were stopped in their tracks and asked to pose for a picture with the infamous “Mama Lynch.” Delisa Lynch is the mother of Seattle Seahawk #24, running back, Marshawn Lynch. Nicknamed “Beast Mode” for his aggressive running style — but equally known for his [...]


Trail Riding


I have been riding for about 45 years and have done just about everything you can on a dirt bike. I can’t claim to be the fastest or the most talented, but for me it’s about just being out there. I have spent time on motocross tracks, poker runs, enduros, desert races, sand dunes…. but [...]


Islands Waiting to be Explored


There is a place in central Washington called the Potholes Reservoir.  The Potholes Reservoir is part of the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project that was formed by the O’Sullivan Dam back in the 1950′s. The reservoir is fed by water from Moses Lake which is part of the Crab Creek basin. I grew up nearby and [...]


Desert Racing


My favorite race of the year is the Desert 100 put on by the Stump Jumpers, from Washington. They are a family oriented, off-road, motorcycle club that loves to have fun while promoting motorcycling and the safe use of motorcycles. The world famous Desert 100 started in 1969 (once known as Mattawa) and has been [...]

Troy's dad, Roy, ready to cheer on the Seahawks!

It’s Football Season!


Back in the 70′s my dad took me to a few Seahawks games in the infamous Kingdome. We grew up in central Washington and going to Seattle was a pretty big deal. Those were some really great memories; watching Kraig throw a bomb to Largent was what it was all about. Gas prices got out [...]


Everyone Has a Place They Go to Find Themselves


Everyone has a place they go to find themselves. My place is a campground that I have been going to for about 45 years. I’m not going to tell you where it is, because I really don’t want more people to showing up. It’s not very big, or well known, but it’s nestled in the [...]


The Sheriff Brought Me Back


When I was about 6 or 7 my dad took the family camping. I’m not even sure where it was anymore, but I took off dirt-biking and broke several of my dad’s very strict rules: Don’t ride by yourself. Don’t ever ride on the roads. I not only took off on my Honda 50, by [...]

Being unplugged

Being Unplugged


Being unplugged to me is more than not having WiFi. It means no phones, texting, Facebook, gaming, TV, watches… nothing. When I take the family camping, we go to a place where there is virtually no way to contact the outside world. When the sun comes up you have breakfast, then you get on the [...]


Poker Runs


I love Poker Runs. For those of you that don’t know the rules, you ride from check-point to check-point and get dealt a playing card at each stop. At the end of the event you win based on your hand. I never win but it’s a great way to get out there and ride. It’s [...]


Hiking Around Yosemite


A few years ago I packed up the RV and the family headed for Yosemite. We have all seen the photos right? But WOW… when we first rolled into the valley we were all amazed. Photos REALLY don’t give you a true perspective. Everything was so much bigger than life. Shear rock walls, waterfalls… everything [...]