Media Library. Marcom media library.

Easy access to marketing resource files is critical. It’s so important that V2Works has created its own tool called VCARE Media Library, a simple, streamlined, and powerful Web-based media repository.

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With VCARE Media Library, users can upload image files simply and quickly. With little-to-no training, other users can locate media with a powerful suggestive search system. Users can also sort results for a more accurate search.

Media Library provides a framework for all authorized users to tag and rate files, as well as, add custom descriptions and file notes. Users can download source files in a single click, as well as, e-mail files as download links using our e-mail service. Security authentication provides a stripped down version of the media library for external access, where users can only search and download files, making it ideal for providing marketing materials to external vendors, press outlets, and distributors.

Our proofing gallery allows users to approve recently uploaded images from a photo shoot, delete bad images, rate good one’s and add descriptions before adding images to the library for universal use.


Easy Filtering

The main screen provides all the tools you need to filter and sort image results. Providing you with a quick and easy way of locating one perfect image among thousands.

Upload single files or batches with ease.

The File Upload Assistant allows users to upload single images or a batch of images, from 10 to as many as 500 at a time.

With global tagging, users can upload files with predefined, searchable tags for their entire batch. Before files become available, users are given the option of refining their tagging, ratings and descriptions with a detailed meta data page.

Refine meta data easily.

Refine file information with the details view. This window provides authorized users access to add tags and ratings to a file to assist in searching. Users can also add unique descriptions which helps other users learn about the file, it’s purpose and possible usage.

The details view also provides a way for users to download and e-mail the file, as well as, delete it from the library.

Instructive tooltips eliminate training.

Basic functions within Media Library have tooltips that users can use to learn how to navigate and use the library. This provides a quick way to get new users up-to-speed and eliminate the need for complicated training or manuals.

Approve images before others have access.

As with any photo shoot, there are images you like and want to use, and others you would just as soon delete. Media Library makes this process easy with a proofing step. Images are uploaded from V2Works, and an admin user reviews all images, deleting any images that you don’t need or want.

With the addition of a little meta data, rating favorite images and any keyword tags to assist in searching, and the admin user can quickly add new images to the library. Once added, the new images are flagged as new for 30-days, letting other users know they are new.